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Get growing in Sandwell to help tackle obesity

Ideal for All has secured a grant of £17,718 from the Pfizer UK Foundation (an initiative of Pfizer Ltd) for a garden and community based initiative to work with families, children and young people, to target obesity.

pfizer foundation funded FINAL HIGH RES 2

Ideal for All’s Growing Opportunities team, part of the Health and Wellbeing Service, will deliver the project at the charity’s market gardens at Salop Drive in Oldbury, Malthouse Garden in Smethwick, and out in the community. The team runs the Get Growing in Sandwell initiative which offers a variety of garden based activities and education encouraging people to eat well and get more exercise.

This has been a huge success and the funding will make sure that Get Growing in Sandwell can continue in 2012-13.

The initiative will contribute to a diverse programme which aims to help address Sandwell’s high levels of childhood and family obesity through gardening and food awareness projects, working closely with Sandwell's public health experts.

Carol Goff, Chair of Ideal for All said: “Our garden based activities are aimed at people of all ages. We are working with other organisations in Sandwell to tackle the obesity issue in the borough. We are grateful to the Pfizer UK Foundation for supporting this particular Get Growing in Sandwell initiative during 2012 –13 as the scheme has been very successful in previous years.

This is one of the many garden based activities that we run. We work with people of all different ages and abilities. We educate and involve people in ways to maintain good health through healthy diet and activity.”

Obesity in Sandwell

• Obesity is a major health problem nationally, and Sandwell has a higher percentage of obesity compared to the national average. 1 in 10 4 year old children are obese in Sandwell and by the time children reach the end of primary school, data shows that 1 in 4 Sandwell children are obese.
• 1 in 4 pregnant women are obese and this can cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
• 28% of adults in Sandwell are obese and this problem arises from poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption and lack of awareness.

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