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Personal Independence Payment: assessment thresholds and consultation

The government has launched a consultation to seek views on the second draft of the assessment criteria for Personal Independence Payment and in particular on the changes that have been made since the first draft, the proposed descriptor weightings and entitlement thresholds and the draft regulations. At this stage in the development process the government do not envisage making significant changes to the broad principles or scope of the assessment and so are not seeking views on these.

The government states it is keen to hear views from all interested parties but in particular from disabled people and disability organisations. Final draft regulations will be laid before Parliament later this year.
The main consultation runs from 16 January to 30 April 2012. The consultation document is available for download below. The government states that other formats will soon be available from
Other background documents can be found at
Ideal for All will be running a consultation event on this to allow members the chance to be fully informed and respond collectively to this. When a date is decided for this we will write to all our members and will promote it on this website.

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