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Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC)

The Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC) is a charity that assists disabled people of all ages and the elderly maintain their independent mobility safely and to help those travelling as passengers in vehicles and their carers’. The RDAC specialises in providing assessments for people who have a medical condition or disability, be it a physical or cognitive in nature.
The Centre has a team of dedicated Driving Advisors (specialist driving instructors): Occupational Therapists and Administration staff who can offer invaluable advice and information, as well as reassurance to people who we understand may have concerns and feel anxious about driving with a disability. The centres have a fleet of adapted vehicles permanently available which can cater for a wide range of mobility needs.
The Regional Driving Assessment centre pride themselves in the successful running of Birmingham, Oxford, Cannock, Hull & Northampton assessment centres with highly professional trained staff.
As an accredited member of the Forum of Mobility Centres are the only organisation from whom:
•       The DVLA will refer to for driving assessments in the private sector
•       Motability will refer to for assessments of their customers as drivers or passengers

They offer a range of assessments for people:
Driving Ability Assessment: If people have had a full licence, this assessment looks at both their ability to control the vehicle and to deal with traffic and other road users. This is ideal for who are still able to access a car seat unaided that may or may not require adaptations to their car. They may have had a head injury, stroke or other medical condition, or just need to know that they still have the ability to drive safely.
People who are concerned about learning to drive who may have physical or cognitive problems
Advice on adaptations for people who have a physical disability and need advice on car adaptations but do not need to drive from a wheelchair. We are able to an opportunity to try out equipment in our vehicles which are all dual controlled for safety.
Passenger/Carer Assessment: This service is for passengers who have difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle. The assessment explores a range of options including the use of specialist transfer and stowage equipment and wheelchair accessible vehicles. It may also benefit carers who are experiencing difficulty assisting the transfer of clients or relatives.
Other services include:
Driving Lessons: They are able to offer familiarisation lessons from the centre for those people who require vehicles with new controls and refresher training for those who need to improve the standard of their driving.
Car seat clinics: for disabled children travelling in cars
Should you require any further information then please contacting them on 0845 337 1540 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
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