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Sandwell Emergency Carer’s Card

Are you a Carer? Do you worry about what would happen to the person you look after if anything happened to you? Would anyone know that someone is depending on you?

We all hope it never happens, but for many Carers the risk of an accident or sudden illness is a real concern. The Carers Emergency card can give a little extra piece of mind by making sure the best arrangements are made to support the person you are caring for, just in case the unexpected happens.

Emergency Carer's Card

What is the Carers Emergency Card?

Carers carry a card which tells emergency services they are a Carer and someone depends on them.  The card just shows your unique ID number and the phone number of our 24 hour contact centre, where Carers details are held with information about the person cared for. In an emergency the centre will call the people the Carer has told us can help.  This will usually be friends or family, or the Councils services if no-one else is available. The scheme is free.

Who are the cards for?

Any Carer can have a card if they regularly provide unpaid help and support for a relative, neighbour or friend who cannot manage on their own. The person being cared for must be a Sandwell resident, but the Carer could be living out of Sandwell.Emergency Cards will be most valuable if the person cared for will be vulnerable on their own and they have no-one else to support them.

How to apply

Carers can get more information and help filling in the form by contacting CARES on 0121 558 7003.  You will be asked to list one or two people who can be contacted in an emergency.  If this isn’t possible it doesn’t stop you having a card.

Who runs the Emergency Card Scheme?

The Carers Emergency Card Scheme is provided in partnership by Sandwell Adult Services and Health, Sandwell Homes Community Alarms and Warden Service, Sandwell Primary Care Trust and CARES working together to support Carers.

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