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Hate crime action plan: Challenge it, Report it, Stop it

'Challenge it, Report it, Stop it' is the government's blueprint to tackle hate crime, bringing together activity by a wide range of government departments - working with local agencies, voluntary organisations and our independent advisory group - to meet three key objectives:

Preventing hate crime happening by challenging the attitudes and behaviours that foster hatred, and encouraging early intervention to reduce the risk of incidents escalating.

Increasing the reporting of hate crime that occurs by building victims' confidence to come forward and seek justice, and working with partners at national and local level to ensure the right support is available when they do.

Working with the agencies that make up the Criminal Justice System to improve the operational response to hate crime. We want a more effective end-to-end process, with agencies identifying hate crimes early, managing cases jointly and dealing with offenders robustly.

You can download 'Challenge it, Report it, Stop it' below. For further information online see

If you are a victim of hate crime you can get support to report it at Ideal for All's Independent Living Centre. You can also report hate crime online via the True Vision website at

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