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Ring and Ride Continues to deliver

On Tuesday, Sue Cozens, District Manager at Dudley and Sandwell Ring and Ride attended the latest Ideal for All coffee morning. She informed those present that Ring and Ride will continue to deliver a door-to-door accessible travel service for people in Sandwell.

Dudley and Sandwell Ring and Ride currently undertake 16,000 journeys a month with most of them short trips of under a mile.

sue cozens

Due to public spending cuts there is now a charge of 60p per journey for members which will ensure the current level of service is protected. Sue informed the group that a computerised system for bookings is due to start in the near future and vehicles will soon have satellite navigation systems both of which will help ensure a more efficient and reliable service. To find out more call Dudley and Sandwell Ring and Ride on 0121 525 7316 or visit their website at

The next Coffee Morning on Thursday 16th June starting at 10.30am will give you the chance to ‘Have Your Say’ on Sandwell Council ASSIST. The special guest will be Tracey Hubbart, Customer Service Improvement Manager from ASSIST. If you want more information on our Coffee Mornings please contact the Enablement and Engagement Team on 0121 558 5555.

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