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Free electric blanket safety checks for Sandwell residents 

electric-blanket-testing1st – 5th October 2012
Venues at:

    • Oldbury
    • Blackheath
    • Wednesbury
    • Bearwood
    • West Bromwich


In the year 2011 15% of the blankets tested FAILED our safety checks! Would Yours?

Contact Sandwell Trading Standards on 0121 569 6535/6601 for further information.

Handy safety tips:

Always store blankets flat; if necessary, fold or roll as little as possible and keep in a dry place

Never use a blanket if the fabric is worn or frayed, or if the tie tapes are loose or missing.  Do not use if the flex is worn or damaged, or if the connections are loose.

Have your blanket checked every year by the manufacturer or a local electrical repair centre

Help keep an elderly relative or friend safe by taking their electric blankets to be checked

Buy new goods from reputable traders as the safety of second-hand electrical goods cannot be guaranteed.

Look for safety marks, such as the CE mark, British Standards number BS EN 60335, BSI or BEAB

Check that the blanket has overheat protection

Always follow the instructions carefully, such as checking the blanket is secure and flat

Never use the blanket if it is creased or wet.  If it is damp do NOT switch it on to dry it out

More information available in the leaflet for download below this article

Download this file (Electric Blanket Poster 2012.doc)Electric Blanket Poster 2012.doc[ ]571 Kb
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