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Beyond the Veil - Salop Drive 16th June 2013

Beyond The VeilFollowing last years successful performance, the Mikron Theatre company return to Salop Drive with a new production on 16th June 2013.

DCI Mark Starkey thinks he’s got a quiet patch in sleepy Thistledale, but all that is about to change dramatically when there’s a sudden, unnatural death on the local allotment…

The grisly discovery down by the beehives is only the beginning for Detective Starkey. To unmask the murderer he must first uncover an altogether less savoury side of life in Thistledale; the bitter grudges, thwarted passions and murky pasts.

And then there are the bees...

The life of the honeybee might be described as one of great sweetness and harmony, punctuated by sudden, desperate, acts of violence. The same could be said for Thistledale.

Detective Starkey soon realises that the more he knows about bees, the closer he gets to the killer!

No need to book tickets, just bring your own picnics and chairs! A collection will be taken after the show.

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