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Dont suffer Hate Crime in silence

hatecrimeIdeal for All (IFA) is urging all people that are victims of hate crime to come forward and report it. IFA's Independent Living Centre is part of the first tranche of Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres in Sandwell.
People can visit the centre and confidentially speak to a member of staff and report if they have experienced hate crime.
A hate crime is any act committed against a person or property that is motivated by the offender’s hatred of people because of their gender, identity, race, religion, disability or sexual orientation.
Hate crime can take many forms. This includes damage to property, offensive letters, literature or graffiti, abusive or obscene phone calls, neighbour disputes, groups hanging around you or your property, arson, unfounded malicious complaints, attack, abusive gestures and bullying.
Carol Goff, Chair of IFA said: “No one has the right to harass, threaten or assault anyone because of who they are. We are committed to tackling hate crime working alongside West Midlands Police. Please come forward and talk to us, do not suffer or tolerate hate crime in silence. I want to assure people that our staff will deal with individuals in a sensitive and professional manner.
We are here to listen and support people. We respect the privacy of individuals as well as confidentiality. We will provide information about the support available to the victim and help them to deal with the situation appropriately.”
The other centres in Sandwell are:
·         Yemeni Community Association
·         Greets Green Access Centre
·         West Bromwich Street Pastors
·         Sandwell Council Neighbourhood Managers
·         Sandwell Visually Impaired
·         Sandwell Deaf Community Association
·         KUUMBA - African Caribbean with Mental Health



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