Ideal for All


Membership Regulations

Membership Rules

All members of the charity must abide by he rules and regulations of the charity. A copy of which is available from the charities Headquarters.

The charity must not be brought into disrepute.

The board of directors can revoke membership at its absolute discretion. There is an appeals procedure, copies of which are available from the charities Headquarters.

Membership is non transferable.

Membership entitles a member to: To maintain a majority of disabled people in the charity membership preference will be given to membership applications from disabled people

  • A full voting right.
  • Eligibility to stand for trusteeship (subject to conditions).
  • Participate in the running of the charity.

Conflicts of interest must be declared in writing


Staff of ideal for all are not eligible for membership

Members must inform the office of any changes in their circumstances. e.g Change of address

Ideal for All reserve the right to amend the rules and conditions.

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