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What are Direct Payments?


Local council’s giving you money to manage your care instead of social services deciding for you. Allowing people to live more independently, spending their own budgets with or without help.


Why Choose a Direct Payment?


You are active and in-control of your own budget gaining greater choice and flexibility in the care provided. Direct payments give you complete freedom on ‘who’ provides your care, ‘when’ you receive your care and ‘how’ it’s delivered. Meaning greater independence for you; living your life, your way!


What can they be used for?



  • Employing your own personal assistant (can be a family member or friend)
  • Using a Care Agency
  • Supported Living in the home
  • Getting out and about for social, sport, leisure and activities;
  • Support in education and training courses
  • Transport


And the list goes on! Get creative! As long as the activities meet assessed care needs most Councils will allow you to be as creative and flexible as you want.


How do I get a Direct Payment?


Contact your local social services department and ask for an assessment. If you are eligible your social worker will work closely with you on your support plan and inform you of your personal budget allocation. You have the right to receive your personal budget as a direct payment and begin planning your own care arrangements.


Do I get any help and support with Direct Payments?




Support Services are available in all boroughs, and that is where we come in!!! We are here to support you every step of the way with your direct payment.


We are a not for profit, user led organisation managed by disabled people, aiming to enable independence and improve health and wellbeing for you and your family. Our dedicated team of specialist advisors can support and manage all aspects of direct payments.


We tailor our service to meet your needs, so please get in touch today and have peace of mind knowing that our expert staff are working for you.

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