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Gardening For Health

GP's rehabilitation teams, mental health teams, OT's, physiotherapists and nurses etc may refer clients to us directly. We offer a range of specific programmes of interest to support rehabilitation and maintenance programmes for those with poor health and long term conditions.

Gardening For Health offers different tailor made garden based activities aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, supporting confidence and wellbeing, improved mental health, healthy eating, physical activity, maintenance and rehabilitation.

It includes:

Therapeutic Gardening - for those with long term conditions e.g. MS, CHD, Parkinsons and Mental Ill Health.

Healthy Hearts - gentle gardening for those with CHD, CVD and circulatory problems, and phase IV cardiac rehabilitation.

Gentle Gardening - for older people to improve fitness and maintain independence.

Grow-Well - a workshop combining healthy eating skills, seasonal produce and a market garden visit.

Referrals are taken from GP's, STAR, OT's and physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Teams using SAP1 referral form, or self referral on 0121 558 5555.

Outreach - we also offer garden based therapeutic activities to hospitals, rehab units, homes etc. Contact us on 0121 558 5555 for details.

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