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Here We Are

Learning Partnership between disabled people, the public, local authorities and politicians


Citizenship and political awareness are important for everyone to enable individuals to actively promote their own interests and the interests of others too. Sometimes it is necessary to learn about citizenship and political awareness, in particular, for people with learning disabilities.

Studies have shown people with learning disabilities are less likely to be involved in policy making bodies and to participate in decision making processes that affect their lives in the community. Against this background, in this two year project we will be developing and discussing with policy makers in local authorities together with people with disabilities basic elements for a curriculum to teach citizenship and political awareness.

Link to project website

Links to partner organisations

Austria – Caritas fur menschen mit Behinderungen

Germany – Dioezesan-Caritasverband fuer das erzbistum Koeln e.V.

Poland – Dom Pomocy Spolecznej

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