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You could be losing ££££'s in funding to train your P.A's

uncle samIdeal For All can help you access this

Funding for Personal Assistant Training

People who employ personal assistants can apply for a grant directly from Skills for Care to support the full cost of learning and development for both themselves and their personal assistants.


Funding is only available for a limited time (training must start by 30th September 2013. Your Direct Payments Advisor can help you apply. Act now or you will lose out!

Tracey received £7049 for training and said:-

I applied for funding for my PA training and found the whole application process easy to complete and have had a successful outcome from my application.


Call Ideal for All now 0121 558 5555

Or you can apply online at

If you need any help completing this, then contact your Self Direct Support Advisor who can help


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