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What is a direct payment?

A direct payment is one of the ways that you can choose to have a personal budget.  A personal budget is the amount of money that is available from the council's adult social care services to help people with social care needs to pay for their care and support.

A direct payment is money given to you to pay for care and support services yourself instead of having them provided by the council.  Direct payments give you flexibility, choice and control over the way you receive social care services.

You would usually manage the money yourself. However, if you need help you can choose to have someone else manage it for you.  You may have to pay for this service out of your personal budget.

Who can get direct payments?

Most people who are entitled to a personal budget to meet their social care needs will be offered a direct payment.

Social care services, and therefore direct payments, are normally available to people who have been assessed as needing care and meet all access criteria.

This includes:

    • Older people
    • Disabled people aged 16 and over
    • Carers
    • A parent of a disabled child
    • A disabled person who needs help being a parent
    • People with mental health problems

    How do I apply for a direct payment?

    If you already get services, then ask about changing to direct payments.

    If you are not already receiving social care services, and need help and support, contact Sandwell Council ASSIST.  Ask for your social care needs to be assessed.  Contact Sandwell ASSIST on 0845 352 2266.  A social worker will discuss the direct payments option with you when they assess your care needs.

    What can i use my direct payments for?

    The money is for you to arrange services that will meet the needs identified in your assessment.  These will be set out in your support plan.

    You could, for example, employ a personal assistant or pay a care agency to help you with lots of different things, like:

    • Personal care
    • Support to live in your own home
    • Support to go out
    • Support to help you with a job

    Or you could use it to buy equipment.

    How can the service be contacted?

    Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm by letter, telephone, fax, email or minicom.

    Can I have a home visit?

    We can arrange to see you at home if you can't get to us.

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